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Ham Kiem Industrial Park with total area of land : 146,2ha is the second industrial park with the topography and scale in Binh Thuan Province, meeting the needs of economic development and the next key industry after the successful development of the service industry in Binh Thuan Province.


Located next to Highway 1A and North-South railway.
Away from Ho Chi Minh City: 200km.
Away from Phan Thiet City: 09km.
Away from Muong Man Station: 05km.
Away from Vinh Tan - Tuy Phong Port: 100km.
Away from Phan Thiet airport (about to commence): 30km.

Convenient transportation to the Industrial Park by many routes:
Road: travelling to the Industrial Park by 1A National Highway, Dau Giay - Phan Thiet Expressway, national highway No 28, No 55, Provincial Road DT 707 ...
Airline: Phan Thiet airport (about to start).
Railway: phan Thiet and Binh Thuan stations.


Investment priority fields:

Seafood processing industry.

Garment – leather shoes industry.

Food processing for feeding animals, poultry, shrimp and fishery …

Manufacturing and assembling machines for industry,  agriculture and aquaculture …

Electrical and electronic assembly industry

Producing consumer goods (household goods, packaging of all kinds)

Mechanical industry, assembly of transport vehicles.

Transshipment and warehousing services.

Import and export (dragon fruits and aquatic products)

Warehouse, factory for rent:

The system of ready-built factories for rent in Ham Kiem I Industrial Park will give customers the convenience and flexibility in investment, finance, as well as the orientation of expanding business in the future of the business. With the perfect connection of infrastructure in industrial zones, ready-built factory services provide the businesses a more effective start.

Factory area from 2,500 m2 to 3,000 m2

Flexible payment methods

Attracting many investment incentives

Especially: In Ham Kiem I Industrial Park, customers can order designs and build workshops and warehouses upon request.

Competitive advantages of Ham Kiem 1 Industrial Zone

As an industrial zone invested by Hoang Quan Group, a large and prestigious corporation in Vietnam on real estate. The IZ is planned and invested synchronously in infrastructure. Hard ground helps to save construction costs.

Ham Kiem 1 Industrial Park has regional advantages: located in a densely populated area, an abundant labor force which is rich in mineral resources and fisheries. 

Enterprises investing in Ham Kiem 1 Industrial Park could enjoy many preferential investment policies according to the law to compare with Ho Chi Minh City and the Southeast region.

Enterprises investing in Ham Kiem 1 Industrial Park will receive free of charge legal advice on investment and business establishment.

The enterprise is served by a team of enthusiastic, experienced staffs in the field of industrial parks, who are always ready to advise businesses all procedures before and after the investment.

Traffic to the industrial zone is becoming more and more convenient, shortening travel time for businesses because the local traffic infrastructure is very interested in investing in many aspects by the government.

Phan Thiet tourism city which is famous for its immense white sand beaches, vast green resorts and golf courses … will bring relaxed feelings to experts after stressful working hours.

Internal traffic: 45m long main roads, 24-35m long internal roads, are carpeted with hot asphalt concrete and designed to bear H30 load according to Vietnamese standards.

Electricity 110 / 22KV power source, capacity of 2 * 65MVA.Electricity 110 / 22KV power source, capacity of 2 * 65MVA.

Clean water supply system from two sources: Phan Thiet water plant with 10,000m3 / day and night and Ba Bau factory with 20,000m3 / day and night.

Drainage system: Separate storm water and sewage drainage systems, sewage is connected to the sewage treatment plant.

Water treatment factory: treatment capacity is up to 6,000m3 / day and night. Enterprises handle wastewater treatment following the column B standards, the IZs handle wastewater treatment following the column A standards (according to TCVN 40: 2011 / BTNMT)

Communication systems: 5000-number telephone network, internet, DSL, and fiber optic cables connected to Binh Thuan province’s telecommunications network.

Order and Security: 24h / 24h security service

Utilities around the IP: Ham Kiem residential area, customs, banks, hospitals, commercial centers, schools, vocational schools, resorts … 

Abundant human resources:

Training and vocational training: In the province, there are two vocational high schools, one university and a college, one vocational school, each year there are about 7,000 graduates.

Hoang Quan is currently building a vocational high School (49ha) to train and provide manpower for enterprises in the Industrial Park.

Work environment:

Order and Security: 24h / 24h security service

The area of green trees filled with 25ha is interwoven with internal traffic routes

Firm residential area with entertainment and shopping centers adjacent to the industrial zone

High-class beach resort chain with different types of tourism resort: sunbathe, windsurfing …….


Price policy: preferential price according to the leased area

Payment terms and conditions: Flexible payment, preferential payment policy lasts for 10 years

Investing in industrial zones, enterprises will enjoy preferential policies on corporate income tax for 10 years.

Investors signed land lease contract:

– Bao Linh Construction Joint Stock Company.

– Hong Phu Food Joint Stock Company

– No 3 Civil Engineering Construction Joint Stock Company.

– Hieu Tien Manufacturing & Trading Co., Ltd.

– Vietnam Zircon Powder Company Limited

– Mechanical and Construction Company Limited

– Luong Thang Construction Joint Stock Company

– Fine Fruit ASIA Company Limited 

– Dai Dong Hoa Company Limited

– Garment and Textile company

– Truong Son International Trading – Service Co., Ltd.


– Decision No.3427/QD-UBND dated December 27th, 2006 of Binh Thuan Provincala People’s Committee approving the detailed planning of Ham Kiem 1 Industrial Park, Ham Kiem Commune, Ham Thuan Nam District, Binh Thuan Province.

– Decision on land allocation No.3706 QD/UBND dated October 25th, 2005 of the Chairman of  Binh Thuan provincial People’s Committee.

– Investment certificate No.48221000007, April 17th, 2007 and the second amended Investment Certificate dated June 16th, 2013 issued by Management Board of Binh Thuan Industrial Zones.




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